Leadership Workshops

In addition to our wine industry certifications and training programs, WISE offers a number of leadership workshops to help owners and industry leaders improve their management skills. We cover effective leadership and communication, motivating your employees, managing your financials, creating a realistic budget, and understanding DTC channels. Our workshops are an excellent way to gain an overview of a topic that interests you and expand your knowledge with the help of our experienced instructors.

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WISE #201
Management Core Course*
24 Hours
This course is a prerequisite course for any of the five Level II classes.
WISE #202
People Management Course
16 Hours
This course is designed for anyone responsible for managing people or building teams.
WISE #203
Demystifying Finance & Accounting
8 Hours
This course is designed for non-financial people who want to understand business financial reports or budgets.
WISE #204
Mastering Planning & Budgeting Intensive
8 Hours
This course is designed for winery or wine-retail professionals who need to create or oversee a Direct to Consumer (DTC) channel budget.
WISE #205
DTC Metrics Intensive
8 Hours
This course is for anyone who needs to understand the metrics behind a successful DTC program, from winery owners and general managers to DTC managers.
WISE #220
Mastering Public Speaking
16 Hours
In this two-day interactive workshop, the focus is on public speaking and leadership communication skills using a variety of formats.Attendees will be able to enhance and practice skills with maximum interaction between participants and instructor.
WISE #221
Advanced Public Speaking
8 Hours
This one-day course is designed to increase your mastery of public peaking. Attendees will prepare and participate in a debate – the ultimate public speaking experience – and add new visualization, impromptu, and persuasive methods to their skill sets as communicators. Perfect the techniques that will make you a confident communicator – not only in front of an audience but in the boardroom and meeting room, too.For further details on each of the workshops listed, review our Course Catalog.