Measure What Matters

Measure What Matters  How do you know if your tasting room team is winning or losing? Are you keeping score – what numbers do you monitor on a regular basis? Because, guess what? People RESPECT what you INSPECT.  So these are the numbers – the ones you poke at – that your team will be sure to focus on if you do. Make sure you are inspecting the metrics that really matter. Most winery executives know their DTC sales numbers . . . and probably their tasting room traffic count, size of their wine club, and/or their $ / tasting… Read more »

Does Your Team Measure Up?

Does your team measure up?  From over 500 mystery shops in the last two years, we know that only 21% of tasting room professionals are telling a compelling brand story, less than 16% of tasting room professionals are profiling customers’ buying needs, and only 17% of staff people are effectively selling wine club memberships. Your team might be wonderfully entertaining as performers, but if they aren’t selling, are they really performing in their role at your winery? The number of tasting room professionals who ask for the sale has actually increased in the last two years from 2009’s astounding low… Read more »

Buying Signals

Is your team “Cue-less” about customer buying signals? We’ve conducted hundreds of tasting room mystery shops and found that clear cues often go completely unnoticed by tasting room staff. These tell-tale signs might be verbal or more likely, 70% of the time, in fact; they are non-verbal. If your customer is reaching for his wallet, studying those tasting notes or changing his posture, it might be time to close the sale. Don’t let those sales dollars slip through your hands! How much revenue was lost in your tasting room this week due to missed buying signals?

Brand Messaging

What is your brand messaging? Are you a boutique, family-owned winery that makes hand-crafted wines? That may be true, but it is not a unique brand story. What makes your brand different from your neighbors and other wineries sells the experience. What you and your team think of as your brand story may not be the message that your customers perceive. Do the “gut brand reality check” to see what others describe as their gut feeling about your winery’s unique brand personalities and promises. If these reactions are significantly different, it’s time to re-align. Work with your team to develop… Read more »