Visual Merchandising

What does your tasting room say about your brand?

A revolution is occurring in tasting rooms everywhere. Wine tourism continues to grow as one of the most popular pursuits of discerning and sophisticated consumers, creating stiff competition for purchase dollars and intensifying the relationship between every aspect – physical, mental and emotional – of an outstanding guest experience.  Great Direct-to-Consumer Managers, aware of the challenge in retaining loyal customers and sustaining growth, are now beginning to understand that looking good and doing well are inseparable.  They have made dramatic shifts in the way their tasting rooms are presented, employing a mix of careful planning, judicious product selection and a thorough understanding of their brand story to attract target customers.

Attract Customers + Build the Brand +Increase Sales

The rule in great visual merchandising is simple: the presentation should reflect the product. Just as there is a broad representation of wines, from high-end boutique to mid-market and value-priced, there is an equal dimension to presentation and product selection in the tasting room.  Visual merchandising is a mix of art, inspiration, space planning and thoughtful attention to detail. It is part of “silent selling” which, along with presentation of the wines and engaging staff interaction, becomes part of the customers’ unconscious decision to buy the wine – or walk away.


A prime location, excellent wines and a dynamic team are all essential elements of success, but to build an extraordinary customer experience, understanding and employing the principles of good visual merchandising makes a huge difference.  As Disney says, “Everything speaks.”