Level Two Classes

Level II: Improve Your Leadership Skills

Level II takes you directly into the required management skill sets and functional expertise necessary for day-to-day management of core DTC areas (hospitality, tasting room, event, wine club, and online). Successful completion of these courses will result in individual WISE Management Certifications.

Leadership Certificates

Separate Level I Professional Certificate courses provide core WISE skills and the knowledge required to succeed in Tasting Room, Customer Service, Wine Club, and/or Online jobs. Level I certifications are an excellent starting point for individuals who lack job experience or need to strengthen their skills in order to advance. Successful completion of these courses will result in individual WISE Certifications.

WISE #201
Management Core Course*
24 Hours
This course is a prerequisite course for all of the Level II classes.
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WISE #211
Tasting Room Management
24 Hours
Learn what it takes to build a first-class tasting room team and manage them to their full potential. Click here for more details…
WISE #212
Wine Events Management
16 Hours
Master the people management and event planning skills that will drive event-based DTC contributions at your winery. Click here for more details…
WISE #213
Wine Club Management
24 Hours
Develop and manage a club with loyal members and low attrition that hums with database efficiency. Click here for more details…
WISE #214
Online Wine Management
24 Hours
Harness the full power of online activities to drive and manage sales.

Level III: Become a Wine Industry Consumer Direct Expert

Learn to oversee all of the winery’s consumer direct programs in an integrated and strategic way. Our Consumer Direct Leadership Certificate is the ultimate acknowledgement of wine industry consumer direct expertise. This certification program provides a depth and breadth of detail that accurately reflects the complex skill sets required from today’s consumer direct champions. Learn how to maximize both your career and the growing direct-to-consumer opportunities in our industry.

WISE #301
Consumer Direct Leadership
80 Hours
Find out what it takes to lead a fully integrated winery consumer direct program organization.Improve your effectiveness and expand your DTC expertise. Our Level III course allows you to better understand, analyze, and manage your metrics, dashboards, and scorecards. Review our available workshops for advanced leadership training.