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A special thank you to our friends at WISE and Justin Noland, Sr. Director DTC Marketing & Ecommerce at Treasury Wine Estates and Nathan Westfall,  Founder at Vine Valley Analytics & Strategy for putting this together!

Generative AI – Prompts

5 Tips

  1. Talk to the AI just like you would talk to someone you are onboarding as a new employee. You don’t need to be technical, but it helps if you are specific and explain what you are trying to accomplish.
  2.  Provide Context: You could ask AI “What should I make for Christmas dinner this year?” and you will get an answer, but if you provide context like “My parents along with my brother and his wife are coming over to my house for Christmas this year. I want to impress them with a four-course dinner that includes wine pairings. My mother does not eat fish and my brother is allergic to nuts. What are a few options for each of the courses that would go together nicely, share some ingredients to make it cost efficient, and isn’t too difficult to prepare because I am a novice cook?” you will get an answer that will be much more helpful.
  3. Give a persona: “Act as…” is a powerful tool. This command allows users to enter a persona or character they would like the AI to adopt for a conversation, or towards a desired outcome.
  4. Ask questions! AI is filled with information and can help you speed up your knowledge of how best to use it or learn about pretty much anything.’
  5. Ask AI to ask you what it needs. If you are struggling with what context you should provide, start the conversation with a prompt like “In a few minutes I will ask you to [whatever the task is] and I want to make sure you are best prepared to accomplish that task. Ask me 10 questions that will help prepare you to do your best work.”

10 Easy Marketing prompts to get started with:

  1. List common challenges faced by [buyer persona description].
  2. Create a 3-month social media campaign calendar for our product with the goal to [insert goal] and mention the channels we should focus on.
  3. “Write an 800-word blog post about [subject], and include the following keywords in the headline, subheading, and body paragraphs.” Then, list the keywords you want to include.
  4. Create 3 call-to-action button ideas based on the contents of this [blog post URL].
  5. Write [number] Google Ad headlines for [landing page or blog post URL].
  6. Generate [number] subject lines for an email campaign about [blog post].
  7. Act as an e-commerce expert and write 10 frequently asked questions for [your website name and URL].
  8. Write a press release for our upcoming event. Include details of the event, like the date, time, location, and purpose. [supply needed details]
  9. Highlight text in my [ad copy/website/product description/etc.] that may make it underperform as seen here [URL].
  10. We are giving {percentage} off our {type of products} during {holiday}. Write a [number] series email encouraging customers to take advantage of this discount. Use an upbeat tone and sparingly emphasize urgency

ChatGPT plugin store – suggestions, recommendations, more…

  • Ellie – Email
  • Fireflies – recording meetings
  • Murf – voice styles (voice overs)
  • Ghostwryter – SEO texts, blog posts, etc.
  • Heyday – research assistant
  • Wordtune Read – examine docs and give quick summary of the content
  • Aregie AI – sales messaging
  • Copilot – Microsoft AI add-on tool
  • Wikipedia – Helpful for content creation or historical fact retrieval
  • Wolfram – Extremely useful if you’re running mathematical calculations
  • Make A Sheet – Turns almost anything you ask for into a spreadsheet return instead of just text

Other AI Platforms:

  • Photography:
  • Music: MuseNet,,,;
  • Gamma – Awesome for creating slideshows/pitch decks
  • Wix – If anyone has a website built on Wix, the AI functionality has really improved over the last couple of months
  • Photoshop – The generative fill feature that allows you to mask/remove/alter aspects of your photo is wild
  • Zapier – Much more technical, but they’re adding some cool options for integrating chatbots and AI in general into programs via API




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