Professionalize Your Wine Industry Career

Made with passion, shared with passion. Built from a belief that direct- to-consumer (DTC) results are the key to success in the wine industry, WISE offers the first wine industry education, training and certification program dedicated to DTC sales and marketing. All WISE classes and on-site coaching workshops enhance the expertise of DTC sales and marketing professionals while igniting their passion for producing the kinds of measurable results that lead to winery success.


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Classes, Workshops and Certifications

All WISE courses, workshops, and onsite training are interactive and hands-on. Designed to deliver take-home value using real-life, relevant examples through a combination of lecture, group exercises, and role play, these classes build on existing skills and teach best practices for meeting the demands of today’s changing DTC marketplace.

Classes are live and in-person so that attendees gain ideas and insights as well as access to a community of their peers. With a true understanding of the value of our students’ time, our courses are succinct, efficient and targeted, covering maximum material in a minimum of time.

WISE Instructors

WISE Academy’s core group of instructors are each leaders in their field of expertise. Like WISE’s founder, they are dedicated to raising the bar for consumer direct and management excellence in the wine industry.