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Tasting Room Professional Certification #111 $400.00

Tasting Room Professional Certification #111

March 25, 2019 / No Comments

This class is designed to raise the level of sales and customer service skills for tasting room staff. This course explores the specific knowledge and skill sets required of a successful winery tasting room professional. WISE Tasting Room Professionals develop confidence in their wine knowledge and tasting ability while also building strong skills in sales and customer service. Beyond their clear command of the best in tasting room practices, these WISE Professionals also discover how to help the tasting room become a fully integrated part of the winery’s overall consumer direct program, with well integrated DTC channels. Students leave this course armed with the tools they need to create the kinds of positive guest experiences that lead to long term relationships and, ultimately, increased sales.

Inside Sales Professional Certification #112 $400.00

Inside Sales Professional Certification #112

March 24, 2019 / No Comments

This course focuses on the potentially lucrative DTC phone sales channel. Attendees will build confidence in handling inbound and outbound sales calls, explore needs and behaviors of the phone customer, and develop a foundation to drive helpful sales. At the completion of this course, students will have the tools they need to build a repeatable process that increases their confidence and improves their telephone sales success.

Wine Club Professional Certification #113 $400.00

Wine Club Professional Certification #113

March 23, 2019 / No Comments

This is a deep-dive into the tactical, day-to-day issues of the wine club. It focuses on wine club operational efficiencies from data management to club administration. Emphasis will be on metrics and customer service proficiency as well as optimizing service provider relationships. After completing this course, wine club professionals will have the skills they need to exceed the expectations of every customer – whether internal or external to the winery.

DTC Metrics Team Fundamentals #115 $350.00

DTC Metrics Team Fundamentals #115

March 21, 2019 / No Comments

This course focuses on gaining a more in-depth understanding of the metrics that a multi-channel DTC wine organization utilizes to educate and motivate front-line staff. Attendees will come to better understand the basics of customer relationship management (CRM) and why collecting clean data is so important.
This course is for anyone who works at a winery in a frontline role; does or wants to do DTC data analysis as part of their job to improve their effectiveness and expand their DTC expertise…

Outbound Phone Sales Professional Certification #116 $375.00

Outbound Phone Sales Professional Certification #116

March 20, 2019 / No Comments

Today’s DTC professionals are not content to sit by the phone and wait for it to ring. They are proactively reaching out to customers of all kinds in outbound phone campaigns. But how successful are they in converting those calls into cash? How is it measured? In course, our instructors will help increase your odds of success by teaching your team the psychology of sales, how to craft re-usable scripts, and how to overcome the obstacles to closing sales. They will also share measurement best practices so you can monitor results and take corrective action as needed to achieve your revenue goals.

Advanced Tasting Room Professional Certification #121 $375.00

Advanced Tasting Room Professional Certification #121

March 17, 2019 / No Comments

This course utilizes the principles taught in WISE #111 Tasting Room Professional and takes tasting room employees to the next level of professional sales and superb customer service experiences. Creating the experience and selling it in a natural, service-focused way becomes easier with advanced professional sales skills taught in this advanced class. Attendees leave this course armed with the new tools to continue to build on current skills and lead them to build long term relationships and, ultimately, increased sales.