Does your team measure up?

From over 500 mystery shops in the last two years, we know that only 21% of tasting room professionals are telling a compelling brand story, less than 16% of tasting room professionals are profiling customers’ buying needs, and only 17% of staff people are effectively selling wine club memberships.

Your team might be wonderfully entertaining as performers, but if they aren’t selling, are they really performing in their role at your winery? The number of tasting room professionals who ask for the sale has actually increased in the last two years from 2009’s astounding low of 22% to 30% in 2010 and 40% so far this year (as of Jun 30), but as an industry, we’re still leaving 60% of our sales on the table. It’s time to get to 100%.

How much revenue will you lose this week due to lack of sales training?