WISE #211 Tasting Room Manager

This certification class is designed for current Tasting Room Managers who want to increase their effectiveness. It will also benefit winery managers seeking a better understanding of tasting room best practices and those who need multiple WISE Level II Certificates to begin their Level III DTC Leadership coursework. This course is also a valuable resource for those with tasting room experience who are seeking to expand their role.

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This course focuses on the strategic needs of tasting room managers. Updated topics include team management, building organizational resiliency, sales best practices and performance measurement techniques. At the completion of this course, tasting room leaders will have tools for managing up, down, and in the mirror. They will be well-versed in all aspects of leading a team to business success.

Tasting room leaders will enhance their confidence in the following areas:

  • Hiring, training, managing and firing staff
  • Motivating, measuring, and rewarding behaviors
  • Progressive leadership and communication skills
  • Developing a sales culture while delivering exceptional hospitality
  • Brand aligned merchandising and silent selling
  • Strategic planning, budgeting, and goal setting
  • Driving to success while overcoming obstacles (i.e., COVID 19, economic recession, natural disaster, change management, etc.)

Certification Requirements

Tasting Room Professional Certification #111, Management Core #201 and Responsible Hospitality Certification. (Can be taken in any order, but must complete these courses to achieve certification for WISE #211)

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