WISE #220 Mastering Public Speaking

This class is ideal for anyone who wants to master the art of public speaking (or overcome their fears).

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Public Speaking for Impact: 10X Your Skills 

From internal meetings, to speaking to clients, your team is always communicating. Combining the art of story delivery with the science of psychology, we’ll teach your team to communicate with purpose and clarity, enabling them to overcome silos, give meaning to data and reports, and build better client relationships that net you the business.

  • Explore the 3 Modules of Communication and understand what makes them essential to success
  • Learn the secret to engaging audiences of all sizes – and put it into practice
  • Understand how you can use science to your advantage and power-up your presentations
  • Learn how to elevate your presence through powerful delivery techniques used by the world’s greats
  • Understand what makes people pay attention and learn how to hook your audience in 30 seconds or less
  • Learn how to turn raw data and narratives into a compelling, captivating story that creates impact
  • Learn how to create a concise, compelling message that people understand and get excited about


Certification Requirements

No Certification Offered