WISE #115 DTC Metrics Team Fundamentals

This course is for anyone who works at a winery in a frontline role; does or wants to do DTC data analysis as part of their job to improve their effectiveness and expand their DTC expertise; current wine industry DTC staff and managers who want to create, analyze, and manage their metrics and dashboards; other winery employees who would benefit by a better understanding of DTC data and metrics; wine retail professionals; also appropriate for those with no industry experience who want to work in wine related

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This course focuses on gaining a more in-depth understanding of the metrics that a multi-channel DTC wine organization utilizes to educate and motivate front-line staff. Attendees will come to better understand the basics of customer relationship management (CRM) and why collecting clean data is so important.

The DTC Metrics Professional will gain insight and take-away knowledge on:

  • Understanding Your Customer Relationship Management System
  • Tasting Room & Wine Club Metrics Dashboards
  • Website & Email Analytics & Dashboards
  • Phone & Social Media Metrics
  • Tying it all together

Certification Requirements

No certification is offered for this course.