WISE #200 Management Jumpstart

Live online events

This course is designed for brand new managers to better understand their new responsibilities, professional expectations, and how to apply best practices. Attendees leave this course with a better understanding of the skills required to manage the people that drive a successful winery.

  • 28
    3 hours, Fri 9:00 AM PDT - Fri 12:00 PM PDT
    • $400.00 excl. Tax
  • 14
    3 hours, Wed 9:00 AM PDT - Wed 12:00 PM PDT
    • $400.00 excl. Tax
  • 22
    3 hours, Fri 9:00 AM PST - Fri 12:00 PM PST
    • $400.00 excl. Tax
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From staff superstar to manager, now what? This three-hour course is designed for those superstar staff members who have been promoted to manager. Attendees will learn how to shift from being a ‘doer’ to managing the ‘doers,’ how to adjust and thrive as a new manager or supervisor of the team from which they were just promoted, understand hourly versus salary expectations from a management perspective, and working with and being respected by your peers and friends.

New manager training includes exercises, discussion, and role plays on the follow topics:

  • Adjusting from hourly to salary and how management expectations differ
  • Professionally supervising your ‘friends’
  • Just because your job title got bigger, it doesn’t mean your head should too

Certification Requirements

No certificate offered for this course.