WISE #111 Tasting Room Professional Certification – in real life!

This course is designed for current tasting room employees and managers who want to improve their sales and service effectiveness, winery employees seeking a better understanding of tasting room best practices, and those with no industry experience seeking a position in a winery tasting room.

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This class is designed to raise the level of sales and customer service skills for tasting room staff. This course explores the specific knowledge and skill sets required of a successful winery tasting room professional. WISE Tasting Room Professionals develop confidence in their wine knowledge and tasting ability while also building strong skills in sales and customer service. Beyond their clear command of the best in tasting room practices, these WISE Professionals also discover how to help the tasting room become a fully integrated part of the winery’s overall consumer direct program, with well integrated DTC channels. Students leave this course armed with the tools they need to create the kinds of positive guest experiences that lead to long term relationships and, ultimately, increased sales.

In this course, students will learn to:

  • Cultivate loyal fans
  • Deliver optimal service
  • Understand and recognize buying cues and behaviors
  • Set the stage for successful selling
  • Build rapport and tell stories
  • View sales in a positive light
  • Handle visitors responsibly
  • Compare and evaluate different experiences
  • Keep score of their DTC metrics

Certification Requirements

Wine Fluency #101 Course or Wine Fluency #101 – Test and Responsible Hospitality Certification. (Can be taken in any order, but must complete these courses to achieve certification for WISE #111)

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