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LaQuita Cleare

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LaQuita Cleare, CEO of Clear Communication Academy, is a highly sought-after public speaking, storytelling, and communication expert who transforms CEOs, companies, entrepreneurs, and public figures into powerful, engaging communicators.

LaQuita’s Masters Studies in Psychology enables her work to be science/research-based, while her Theatre degree helps her take the client’s vocal and physical delivery skills to an elevated level. Her work in Hollywood both in front of and behind the camera has helped to make her a storytelling magician and has led to her being a sought-after resource for Storytelling.

Over the past decade, she has worked in 50+ countries, across 5 continents, speaking at numerous prestigious schools and events including Harvard events, INSEAD Business School, and Milan Polytechnico. She has worked with leading companies like Chase, Covergirl, Ikea, RR Donnelly, Pepsi, and more.

She is one of the highest-rated resources within YPO, the biggest organization of CEOs and presidents accounting for $9 trillion (USD) in annual revenues. She has trained speakers for both YPO GLC and Edge events and spoken at the GLC. She has also been featured on ABC, FX Network, Lifetime, and LA Talk Radio.