Level I: WISE Fundamentals

At WISE, we believe mastery of the fundamental skills is critical for study progression and advancement. Start with Level I for the basic information you’ll need to succeed.

Professional Certificates

Separate Level I Professional Certificate courses provide core WISE skills and the knowledge required to succeed in Tasting Room, Customer Service, Wine Club, and/or Online jobs. Level I certifications are an excellent starting point for individuals who lack job experience or need to strengthen their skills in order to advance. Successful completion of these courses will result in individual WISE Certifications.

WISE #101
Wine Fluency Professional Core Course*
16 Hours | $350
The course covers wine business basics, sales, marketing and service best practices, uniqueness of viticulture areas, and the principles of professional wine tasting.
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WISE #111
Tasting Room Professional Certificate
24 Hours | $700
Build your confidence in wine knowledge, sales skills, and providing a memorable guest experience.
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WISE #112
Inside Sales Professional Certificate
24 Hours | $700
Attendees will build confidence in handling inbound and outbound sales calls, explore needs and behaviors of the phone customer, and develop a foundation to drive helpful sales.
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WISE #113
Wine Club Professional Certificate
24 Hours | $700
A deep-dive into the tactical, day-to-day issues of the wine club, this course focuses on wine club operational efficiencies from data management to club administration.
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WISE #114
Online Wine Professional Certificate
24 Hours | $700
This foundational course explores the tactical, day-to-day fundamentals of having an online presence.
WISE #115
DTC Metrics Professional Certificate
8 Hours | $600
This course focuses on the fundamental metrics required to run a successful, multi-channel DTC wine organization, including the basics of customer relationship management (CRM).
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WISE #118
Corporate Gifting Workshop
8 Hours | $700
Develop professional skills for winery marketing personnel to identify and sell multiple wine gifts to businesses.
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WISE #120
Wine Tasting Professional Certificate

8 Hours | $400
Attendees will build confidence in understanding the core wine varietals, food and wine pairing, and wine service.
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WISE #116
Outbound Phone Sales Mastery Certificate
16 Hours | $700
Maximize outbound phone sales by learning the psychology of sales, crafting scripts, and how to overcome the obstacles to closing sales.
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WISE #121
Advanced Tasting Room Professional Certificate
16 Hours | $700
This course utilizes the principles taught in WISE #111 and takes tasting room employees to the next level of professional sales and superb customer service experiences.
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