220 – Mastering Public Speaking Workshop


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Hours: 16
Cost: $1,750
Prerequisite: None

How you communicate is how others evaluate you – be proactive with this and learn how you can plan how others perceive you.

Give yourself the opportunity to learn ‘the art’ of communication:
Attending this workshop will help you achieve a higher level of communication skill. This is a workshop that focuses on general communication skills as well as public speaking skills using a variety of formats to enhance skills, practice them and maximize interaction between participants and faculty.

Lynda Spillane:

  • Has to date presented six ‘waitlisted’ Public Speaking seminars to YPO-WPO with a rated take home value at 9+ out of 10 each time.
  • 10,000 Executives and 50 politicians have made the right choice.
  • Writes all English speeches for King Abdullah II of Jordan, including the speech given to Joint Session of US Congress in March 2007.
  • Combines psychology, performance, acting and rhetoric to teach public speaking in a unique way with outstanding results.
  • Has over 30 years of academic study and teaching in the fields of human behavior, Oratory, Theater, Performance, Voice Technique, Logic, Rhetoric and Persuasion.

Your take-home value:
•   Have the secrets of great speakers uncovered such as Blair, Reagan, Obama
•   Learn techniques that will enable you to speak to any audience
•   Learn the techniques that make you a persuasive speaker
•   Learn how to reach the emotions of the audience
•   Become a real public speaker not just a presenter
•   Every technique learned will differentiate you from the competition
•   Learn how to write and deliver an excellent speech
•   Learn techniques that will turn you into a persuasive communicator
•   Learn the different styles of speaking
•   Learn how to improve confidence in impromptu speaking
•   Learn to use notes effectively with PowerPoint as a back-drop
•   Learn techniques that will enable you to polish the emotional sell

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