Time to Refill Your ‘Hospitality Well!’

The West Coast has been enjoying all this rain – well over 150% of normal by some accounts. In true WISE fashion, there is a lesson to be learned as we typed this to the sounds of the storm outside.

A common question on the news reports has been “Will all this rain eliminate the West Coast droughts?” and the answer has two parts. First, yes, surface level reservoirs are refilling (albeit a bit too quickly). Local water tables and wells are absorbing some of the deluge. However, there is a deeper issue, and one that resonates. Are the deeper aquifers being recharged and refilled?

What does rain have to do with leadership? The analogy is clear. Are we refilling our own “hospitality wells” – which is to say “Are we taking this slower time of year to refill our own hospitality heart”? It goes even deeper, to our own company aquifer that runs far deeper. Are we as an organization taking the time to absorb all that is being offered, so we can weather the harder, drier months? Don’t let this opportunity pass you by and drain out to the ocean, take time to absorb as much as you can, refill your surface wells and deeper aquifers.

Even at WISE, everyone on our team takes the time to recharge the surface level wells when it rains, and when it pours, we take the time to recharge at a deeper level. At the surface level , looking for those times to exercise, go out and be served a great meal, splurge on a spa treatment, or put on a comedy night with friends is key. We don’t waste a drop of this precious rain.

To recharge our deep company aquifer far beneath the surface, we take time to meet annually and review our hits and misses, our SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat) Analysis, and our goals for the coming year and beyond. We eat great meals and enjoy more than a few bottles of excellent wine together. We pause for executive education and development by reading and dissecting Harvard Business School case studies, listening to and discussing pod casts, and watching some of our favorite speakers. It is something we look forward to doing with our colleagues and sets our year up for success.

We also take this time to travel and experience luxury hospitality all over the world. In the coming year, members of WISE will be heading to Europe, Bora Bora, Asia, and Argentina. Even though we may be on “vacation”, our minds absorb and collect interesting materials for our winery partner clients. And perhaps most importantly, we refill our hospitality wells and savor those memories so we have the fresh, cool water necessary to get through the drier months.

So, how are you taking advantage of this deluge to refill your hospitality well? Is your company leadership refilling the aquifers, so you and your team are prepared for those months of energy drought? How can we help? We have umbrellas, water tanks, and drills standing by to assist at all levels of leadership.