Getting the Guest Count Right – WISE Best Practices

Data is King. Every marketing guru out there is shouting that from the mountain tops. What is a small winery with limited resources to do to understand their data? It all starts with quality and consistency of data capture. Let’s dive into a few best practices that wineries of every size can employ starting today to measure DTC conversion. Make it Easy In our industry, it all begins with the guest count. When it is easy to capture, you will find that your frontline staff will be more likely to consistently and accurately track the information. While there are several… Read more »

Storefront Tasting Rooms Best Practices

Storefront Tasting Rooms Best Practices Is your brand in a holding pattern, waiting for a destination winery to be built? Perhaps your brand makes wine in a warehouse district with little organic foot traffic. Maybe there is a mountain range between your winery and where your target market is located. Whatever the reason, more and more “storefront” tasting rooms are popping up across the country – retail spaces in downtown areas acting as a tasting room for wineries/brands that are not easily accessible (or not yet built). One of the biggest challenges of these storefront tasting rooms is that guests… Read more »

Top New Year’s Resolution for DTC Success in 2018: Go Granular

Top New Year’s Resolution for DTC Success in 2018: Go Granular Ready or not, here comes 2018! With a brand-spanking new year ahead of us, let’s see how we can raise the bar on our own DTC winery performance, and execute on some new, actionable initiatives we didn’t get around to in 2017. If we have been paying attention to the data on our dashboards, it’s time to take a deeper dive by going granular. Tasting Room Data – Capture By Experience How many guest different experiences do we offer? Are they all working as we had intended? Many of… Read more »