WISE Coach

Lynda Jackson

An accomplished psychologist, speechwriter, coach and strategist, Lynda Jackson is considered the best in the world at transforming Heads of State, Presidents, CEOs and Executives into high performing public speakers and communicators. She has combined the knowledge of five degrees and over 35 years of experience working with Prime Ministers, Royalty, Actors, and C-suite Executives to form a method that ensures communicating well and commanding any stage becomes part of who her clients are. She is also a critically important coach who helps executives formulate the right strategies to succeed.

  • Has to date presented six ‘waitlisted’ Public Speaking seminars to YPO-WPO with a rated take home value at 9+ out of 10 each time.
  • 10,000 Executives and 50 politicians have made the right choice.
  • Writes all English speeches for King Abdullah II of Jordan, including the speech given to Joint Session of US Congress in March 2007.
  • Combines psychology, performance, acting and rhetoric to teach public speaking in a unique way with outstanding results.
  • Has over 30 years of academic study and teaching in the fields of human behavior, Oratory, Theater, Performance, Voice Technique, Logic, Rhetoric and Persuasion.

Lynda is unique in her abilities to understand all forms of human interaction. She is an expert in understanding what makes people do what they do and why they do it. Her speechwriting and performance design reflect this ability. She knows what audiences need to hear and how and why they need to hear it. Her extensive experience working with politicians, political campaigns and senior executives adds to this exceptional understanding of human motivation and interaction. These abilities enable her to not only coach public speaking with unprecedented success, they also allow her to provide expert advice on careers whilst developing the right strategies for executives to meet their career goals.

Lynda has worked globally for decades and continues to accept special assignments overseas. Her experience in many countries gives her a unique understanding of cultural differences.