WISE #113

WISE #113 Wine Club Professional Certification Coursemedia19

Hours: 24
Cost: $700
Prerequisite: WISE #101 (or test out)

About WISE #113

This 3-day course is a deep-dive into the tactical, day-to-day issues of the wine club. It focuses on wine club operational efficiencies from data management to club administration. Emphasis will be on metrics and customer service proficiency as well as optimizing service provider relationships.

Wine club professionals will gain new insights and enhanced skills in the following areas:

  • Telling the story of your wine club
  • DTC terminology as it applies to a wine club
  • Data management essentials, drivers, and reporting tools
  • Wine club systems and materials
  • Working with consumers
  • Event management and best practices
  • Compliance complexities
  • Managing up and sharing information inside your organization

After completing this course, wine club professionals will have the skills they need to exceed the expectations of every customer – whether internal or external to the winery.


Who Should Take This Course?

This course is designed for wine club administrators looking to expand their knowledge as well as new Wine Club Managers who need a foundation in wine club administration. It is also a great point of entry for winery employees needing a better understanding of Wine Club best practices, for wine retailers, as well as for those seeking a career in wine club administration.

Note: Seasoned wine club professionals may be able to test out of this course as a pre-requisite for WISE #213 Wine Club Management course. Click here to test out of #113.