WISE #118

WISE #118 Corporate Sales Workshop

Hours: 8
Cost: $700
Prerequisite: None

The goal of this course is to develop professional skills for winery marketing personnel to identify and sell multiple wine gifts to businesses. Attendees, by the end of this training, will be able to:

  • Understand the business marketplace and reasons for gifting
  • Develop the research skills to find programs and reach decision makers
  • Understand the marketing materials, pricing and negotiation processes necessary to convert business sales
  • Become skilled at communicating with both marketing and fulfillment regarding corporate gifting needs

This is a very hands-on, boot-camp class with live exercises and a lot of take-home value. Attendees will make actual calls to corporations to research their gift-giving needs and should be prepared to bring their laptop and their fully-charged cell phone.

Who Should Take This Course?

Best suited for anyone who does or wants to do corporate gifting for wineries, for current outbound phone sales employees or any winery personnel.