WISE #121

WISE #121 Advanced Tasting Room Professional Certification Course

Hours: 16
Cost: $700
Prerequisite: WISE #101 (or test out), WISE #111, and Responsible Hospitality Certification

This course utilizes the principles taught in WISE #111 Tasting Room Professional and takes tasting room employees to the next level of professional sales and superb customer service experiences. The goal of this course is to take WISE professionals to a new, higher level of tasting room service and sales by:

  • Creating More Emotional Connections
  • Understanding The Bigger Picture
  • Using the Power of Language
  • Embracing the Platinum Rule to Life
  • Focusing on the Brand First, Wine Second

Attendees leave this course armed with the new tools to continue to build on current skills and lead them to build long term relationships and, ultimately, increased sales.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is designed for current tasting room employees and managers who want to improve their sales and service effectiveness.