WISE #203

WISE #203 Demystifying Finance & Accounting CourseWorkshop_Budget

Hours: 8
Cost: $600
Prerequisite: None

About WISE #203

This course is designed to take the mystery out of winery accounting and make sense of the three main financial statements. Attendees will work with a sample company as they learn to become comfortable with the language of business. In addition to understanding the three bottom lines, attendees will also learn how to evaluate options, work with key ratios, and spot red flags in financial statements.

Topics covered include:

  • Accrual versus cash
  • The matching principle and how it impacts the bottom line
  • The three bottom lines
  • Costing methods
  • Book versus tax accounting
  • Key metrics and measures
  • How to find out where the money went in your winery
  • Ratios

Attendees will leave this class with a new appreciation for the financial challenges of owning a winery, their role in supporting overall financial results, and the importance of asking questions.


Who Should Take This Course?

This course is designed for non-financial people who want to understand business financial reports or budgets.  It is ideal for anyone who is managing or controlling costs or who is accountable for financial or team results.