WISE #204

WISE #204 Budgeting BootcampWorkshop_Budget

Hours: 8
Cost: $990
Prerequisite: None

About WISE #204

Part of the WISE Leadership Series, this is a one day crash course that focuses on the process of effective budgeting for all DTC channels (Tasting Room, Wine Club, Online, Events, etc.) focusing on metrics, understanding DTC financial statements, bottom-up assumptions and gaining team buy-in. After the one day course, a follow up two hour session is included to address the individual’s specific budget in a private, confidential setting. This course is foundational to all WISE Level III DTC Leadership coursework.

This course covers the following topics:

  • Connection vision and strategy to actions
  • Creating a actionable budget
  • Building budgets from the bottom up
  • Working with long range budgets and rolling forecasts

At the end of the day, participants will have the tools they need to create realistic budgets that are connected to business and operational goals.


Who Should Take This Course?

The budgeting boot camp is designed for the manager as a contributor for their channel’s budget who is new to budgeting or as a refresher for those about to embark on the budgeting process.