WISE #220

WISE #220 Mastering Public Speaking Lynda-in-Flowers

Hours: 16
Cost: $1,750
Prerequisite: None

About WISE #220

In this two-day interactive workshop, the focus is on public speaking AND leadership communication skills using a variety of formats. Attendees will be able to enhance and practice skills with maximum interaction between participants and instructor.

This class is presented by Lynda Spillane who has more than 30 years of academic study and teaching in the fields of Human Behavior, Oratory, Theater, Performance, Voice Technique, Logic, Rhetoric and Persuasion. She has written speeches and coached more than 10,000 executives and politicians worldwide including CEOs and prominent politicians as well as Prime Ministers and King Abdullah II of Jordan.

Attendees will learn:

  • Impactful introductions
  • Techniques for speaking to any audience
  • How to be a persuasive speaker
  • Tips for protecting and enhancing your voice
  • How to tell a story
  • How to prepare for a talk
  • The art of impromptu remarks


Who Should Take This Course?

This class is ideal for anyone who wants to master the art of public speaking (or overcome their fears).