WISE Coach

Jennie Gilbert, Found of RedChirp

As a Founder of RedChirp — the market-leading SMS platform for wineries — Jennie is obsessed with helping DTC teams meet consumers’ newly expanded expectations for virtual interactions. Calling and emailing may have been enough before, but now 89% of consumers want to text with businesses. Jennie and the RedChirp team have helped more than 350 wineries launch their text messaging strategy, facilitated wine-industry case studies and technology integrations, and helped send more than 10 million text messages to wine consumers.

A true nerd at heart, Jennie loves spreadsheets and a good data set to dig into, is a frequent speaker at business conferences and the co-author of two books.

When not in the office, Jennie spends time cooking with her husband and chasing her preschool-aged son. Her most prized possession is their well-worn – and heavily stained – wine-tasting notebook.