WISE Coach & The Glue

Jennifer Warrington

The Glue

Jennifer is an industry professional with more than 25 years of experience, including her time with WISE. She began her career in the wine industry working for Lesley Berglund (Co-Founder & Chairman of WISE) at Ambrosia Wine Catalogue/The Winetasting Network shortly after completing her BA in English Literature. In her role as The Glue, Jennifer oversees all things WISE: WISE Operations which includes spearheading the WISE Mystery Shopping Program (now over 6,000 shops); overseeing content development; coaching; account management of WISE wineries; oversees marketing programs; moderates WISE Cabinets; coordinates, schedules, and communicates with coaches, attendees and winery partners for a robust class schedule of 30+ courses and onsite training programs throughout California, Oregon, Washington, New York and more.

In Jennifer’s free time, she can be found with her nose buried in her Kindle or puttering in her yard. She also loves to travel, spending time with her family and friends across the globe.