WISE Admin - The SwitchBlade

Nicole Streets

WISE Admin - Registrar

Nicole Streets – aka The SwitchBlade because she’s the master of switching tasks and is darn sharp! – is a dynamic professional with diverse skill sets including experience from manufacturing technician to software developer to office manager. Most recently, for two years, Nicole served as Board President for the Walla Walla Sweets Rollergirls, Walla Walla, WA, overseeing agendas, meetings, and league business. She also excelled as a Bout Coordinator, adept at scheduling, event planning, and staff management. In previous jobs as an office manager, Nicole also showcased her organizational and customer service skills.

In the realm of software development, Nicole worked as a freelance Software Developer using her skills in web development and administration, maintaining software repositories and communicating with investors. She was also a Camera Repair Technician excelling in troubleshooting, repair, and meticulous documentation. As a manufacturing technician, Nicole was able to develop her supervisory skills and adaptability.

Nicole’s strong community spirit and leadership flair shine through her roles in roller derby leagues, nonprofit volunteering, and beyond. Currently attending college full time to achieve her degree in audio production, Nicole is also busy as a foster parent of a 15-year-old boy and recently adopted a 4-year-old boy. Not one to stay still for long, besides her love of music and attending live concerts, she also loves to be active in and outdoors.