Phone Sales

  • WISE #116 Outbound Phone Sales Professional

    9 Hours
    This course is designed for employees of a winery or wine retailer who regularly talk to customers on the phone, winery customer service or call center employees who want to fine tune their effectiveness, and winery employees who wish to master customer service and phone sales best practices.
    From $375.00
    Online 02 May
  • WISE #118 Corporate Gifting Professional

    6 Hours
    The goal of this course is to develop professional skills for winery marketing personnel to identify and sell multiple wine gifts to businesses.
    From $350.00
    Online 28 Jun
  • WISE #216 Outbound Phone Sales Manager

    6 Hours
    This certification class is designed for current Outbound Phone Sales Managers who want to increase their effectiveness. It will also benefit winery managers seeking a better understanding of outbound phone sales best practices and those who need multiple WISE Level II Certificates to begin their Level III DTC Leadership coursework. This course is also a valuable resource for those with outbound phone sales experience who are seeking to expand their role.
    From $500.00