Measure What Matters

How do you know if your tasting room team is winning or losing? Are you keeping score – what numbers do you monitor on a regular basis? Because, guess what? People RESPECT what you INSPECT.  So these are the numbers – the ones you poke at – that your team will be sure to focus on if you do. Make sure you are inspecting the metrics that really matter.

Most winery executives know their DTC sales numbers . . . and probably their tasting room traffic count, size of their wine club, and/or their $ / tasting room visitor. All this information is interesting – but it is not actionable. Knowing that in 2007 you sold $82 per visitor and this year you are only selling $61 per visitor is worrisome – but these metrics do not tell you how to improve tasting room sales. And, you may mistakenly brush off deteriorating metrics as just another indicator of a challenged economy when, really, your team just isn’t asking for the order enough.

The Triple Score

In addition to dollar sales, traffic counts and club membership numbers, WISE wineries actively track the “triple score” which are three critical conversion rates:

  1. what % of people that come in your door do you sell wine to
  2. what % do you sell wine club memberships to
  3. what %  do you capture contact data from

Add in the sales average order value (AOV) and you have the complete sales picture – now you know where to focus for improvements. Monitor progress, post results for you whole team to see and celebrate progress. What’s your score?